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Our distribution approach marries direct brands and a direct-to-consumer purchase service. 

If a customer starts their purchase journey online but needs help, they can request human guidance from one our expert sales team. We work hard to ensure as many people as possible get the protection they need.

At British Seniors we help people all over the UK feel proud that they’re able to look after for their loved ones even after they’ve gone, by providing guaranteed over 50s life insurance that helps protect families from funeral costs and final expenses.

We understand that family is everything. At Cover Direct, our life insurance specialists can help you find financial protection quickly and easily. We know that managing a family is a full-time job, so we want to make it easy to tick life insurance off your to-do list.

Protecting your family is one of the most important things you’ll do in life. So why wait around for your life insurance to kick in? Cover Today is the only over 50s insurer in the UK that provides cover from day one. Compared to current market providers of over 50s life insurance in the UK, only Cover Today offer immediate cover for death due to any cause. Visit covertoday.co.uk/compare-over-50-life-insurance/

Get your family, mortgage and lifestyle covered financially with Life Insurance, or get help towards the cost of your funeral or leave a gift when you're gone with Over 50s Life Cover. Post Office is proud to have won the Best Insurance Provider at the YourMoney.com Awards in 2022, which makes it 14 years in a row!

As we get older, there are fewer options ahead of us. Seniors Choice is here to make sure that you have a say over your future. With Seniors Choice, Canadian Residents aged 40-80 can choose the coverage that suits them - choose a monthly premium that you can afford, and you choose your beneficiaries. Coverage with Seniors Choice means you can make a better choice for your family.

Smart provide underwritten life insurance so people can feel confident and enjoy life, knowing that if they were no longer around, there’s something in place to help their loved ones pay the mortgage and other bills.

What our customers say

  • Polite, helpful and friendly. Covered me for exactly what I needed to pay every month. Very refreshing that I can opt to increase or decrease my monthly payments which I do believe you are the provider that actually offers this service. Max whom was my advisor was above and beyond. I will certainly recommend to family, friends and work colleagues as I was so reassured.

    British Seniors customer, April 2023
  • I have had a few different life insurance policies over the years, but this feels by far the best fit for me, just by how this was handled during the setup, not only professional but was warm and welcoming. A genuine feeling the staff take pride in what they are doing, which is people’s lives and family…. I’m glad I went with them, and I intend to stay. :-)

    Smart Insurance customer, April 2023
  • Fantastic customer service. It was so easy I was so surprised as have been refused elsewere. But this company didn't want to know the ins and outs, no medical needed and I now have life insurance. I couldn't believe how easy it was and it is such a weight off my mind. The advert on the TV is true in what it says - fantastic company.

    Cover Today customer, April 2023
  • Found this company to be professional. The question were thorough and right to the point. Not invasive by any means. A very polite and well manored conversation. I felt comfortable and not pressured to find the right coverage that fits my needs. Just want to thank you for the piece of mind you've created for me and my family. 

    Cover Direct customer, April 2023
  • The insurance rep was knowledgeable, informative and clear with details, questions and instructions. From the details provided to me, I felt secure in obtaining this insurance.

    Seniors Choice customer, April 2023

If you have a complaint about a product we offer from one of our trading names, please get in touch with us.