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We offer modular partnership solutions which can be tailored to combine our range of in-house capabilities with a seamless online/offline customer journey, access to direct (single-tie, white-labelled) products and a comparison service.

Our wide range of capabilities

We can control every component of the protection value chain and our partnership proposition has the potential to draw on all these capabilities.

Key reasons to partner with NFS:

Neilson will deliver:

Creation of bespoke products, either white-labelled or by leveraging your brand, to truly suit your needs.
A unique business model, independent of individual underwriters, ensuring competitive rates and optimal underwriting journeys.
Proven marketing expertise to maximise your lead generation.
Tailored customer journeys, incorporating our integrated offline/online ‘omnichannel’ approach, and optimising every lead.
Industry insight and world class, real time MI across multiple functions and channels enabling responsive decision-making.
In-house systems and expertise, giving you ultimate proposition control and flexibility.
Experienced management team with a proven track record of delivery and an agile approach to help you achieve your commercial goals.

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Our corporate and insurer partners

Partner testimonials

  • I’ve worked closely with the Neilson Team to deliver two projects over the past year. The whole Neilson team are a pleasure to work with. The projects we have worked collaboratively on, have benefited from their combined focus, subject matter understanding and determination to deliver on time. It’s great to have them as a trading partner.

    Simon Vooght, Regional Protection Manager, Scottish Widows, 2019
  • We’re continuing to strengthen our partnership with Neilson having begun working with them in 2019, when they became one of a few select companies to have direct access to the Protection Platform API. This powers their aggregator proposition and provides true ‘buy now’ capabilities. We’re onboarding their direct brands onto the Protection Platform which will unlock further distribution including their own aggregator Choozi and their GoCompare partnership as well as others.

    Nilesh Patel, Head of Sales and Marketing, UnderwriteMe, 2020
  • Both personally and as Cabinet Office Disability and Access Champion for the Insurance Industry I warmly welcome Choozi to UK insurance market and their commitment to inclusion and ensuring that competition works for all consumers, especially by becoming signatories to the voluntary Access to Insurance Signposting Agreement, for people with disabilities and health conditions.

    Johnny Timpson, Head of Financial Protection, Technical and Industry Affairs, Scottish Widows, 2020
  • GoCompare have been hugely impressed with Neilson, in particular the MI capabilities to deliver exceptional business monitoring to optimise performance and influence marketing campaigns. In fact, the MI provided is now used as a benchmark with other partners on the GoCompare site. Testament to the professionalism and qualities Neilson possess.

    Richard Jones Business Development Manager, GoCompare
  • We have been a close partner of Neilson Financial Services since its UK launch in 2012. The Neilson distribution model helps more people buy insurance by tapping into new customer segments and providing easy access to the protection products they need. Swiss Re sits on the Access to Insurance Steering Group and so we share the same passion to protect more families in these increasingly uncertain times.

    Abbie Marlow, Client Manger, Swiss Re
  • Over the last 8 weeks, the team at Neilson has helped guide the GoCompare Business Development Team to understand the new life Insurance journey, and both parties have collaborated in delivering business specific reporting that allows us to analyse and monitor our digital and offline journeys in great detail. We continue to work together to bring new initiatives to further optimise the life performance journey and understand our customers even more.

    Richard Jones, Business Development Manager, GoCompare, 2020