A partnership philosophy with a difference

In addition to our Direct brands we offer partnership opportunities for both corporate and retail businesses. From working with lots of partners in both Australia and the UK, over many years, we’ve identified the three areas that are at the core of a winning partnership.

We offer both single product and comparison solutions with full white labelled options available to suit our partners needs. At Neilson we believe that allowing customers to choose how they transact is best which is why we offer a truly omni channel experience. While our slick online platform delivers the right outcomes, it’s only part of the experience. To make it easier for customers to buy life insurance we’ve closely synchronised our online and call centre operations.

A standout market proposition
Purpose-built architecture and infrastructure
Sharing success and ethics
Combining our strengths to build a winning partnership

Working as a true partnership to achieve success

Neilson will deliver

Bespoke products to truly suit partner and customer needs
Tailored customer journeys, both online and offline offering seamless ‘Omnichannel’ customer experience
Fully white-labelled solutions to utilise partner brand
Exceptional customer service, a robust and highly talented global IT team and trusted compliance and quality assurance teams

If you are interested in partnering with us contact us at or call on 01753 515 900

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